“Transparency and collaboration is at the heart of how we work”

Our objective in every airspace development we undertake is to create high quality accommodation that compliments the original building upon which it sits. With this in mind we want current freeholders, leaseholders and tenants to have as much or as little input as they prefer.


Every potential airspace development site is individual and we offer bespoke packages to meet the needs of the existing building owners and occupiers as such. After making contact with our team, a date for a site visit will be agreed for our surveyors to come and conduct a no obligation feasibility study and report. If we feel the rooftop is suitable to add new accommodation, we will tailor an offer around one of our three standard options:

Airspace purchase – We agree a fee with the freeholders to take a lease of the airspace above the building. We construct new apartments to sit atop of the building which we then sell on at our profit or add to our portfolio of properties for the rental market.


Joint venture – The freeholder agrees to lease us the airspace free of charge for a percentage split in the sales of the new apartments once completed and sold.


Project management – A contract is agreed between the freeholders and ourselves for us to oversee the entire development from planning and design through to completion of sales with the profits of sales going back to the freeholders.

Please contact us to discuss in further detail which option best suits your needs and to arrange a preliminary site visit.

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Site visit

Feasibility study

Initial offer

Design consultation

Planning application

Permission granted

Complete purchase

Commence construction

Complete scheme

Space Planning
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Showing an Apartment
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Please download our brochure for any future reference. If you are a property manager and consider your client’s property as suitable for airspace development, please leave your contact details here so we can get in touch to discuss our generous referral scheme.