Essentially airspace development is building new accommodation on top of existing residential and commercial properties. Using ground breaking construction methods airspace homes can be manufactured almost completely off site and can be installed above the existing rooftops in just a few days. This style of development is heralded as a new era in housebuilding and Sussex Airspace Developments is at the forefront of this ever growing industry.


After an initial feasibility study to ensure the airspace development is possible, our design and planning team work with the building owners and occupiers to create plans for the new accommodation that everybody is happy with. We’ll then oversee the entire planning application and secure approval. Our precision engineered modular apartments are factory built to up to 90% completion and can be installed on site over the space of a few days. Once the new apartments are completed we take care of all the sales and after-sales servicing.


Cash realisation of an unused asset – working with us will unlock the maximum value of your unused airspace.

New 20 year guaranteed roof – no more roof repairs with a brand new roof replacing the existing one.

Certainty of cost – Whichever of our three flexible options you choose you can be sure of the costs involved at all times.

New ground rent income – the added accommodation will also provide added residual income.

Difficult sites become realistic developments – using modern methods of construction and expert planning and design we can develop the majority of sites we come across.


Leasehold value increase – increase in capital value of existing leasehold properties.

Improvements in kerb appeal – a programme of external upgrades included in the development.

New communal facilities – a programme of internal upgrades included in the development.

Reduced service charges – Extra units built will reduce individual service charge.

Minimal disruption – offsite construction reduces time spent on site to a minimum


Increase in new homes - addresses the housing crisis whilst using no extra land.

Surrounding area improved – feel good factor within local community created by external upgrades to existing buildings and landscaping.

Eco-friendly developments – offsite construction and energy efficient production creates minimal disruption whilst reducing the carbon footprint.